Party Blog’s 2011/12 New Year’s Eve Party List

With New Year’s upon us, it is time to dust off your fancy dancing shoes and remember the biggest party night of the year can also be the worst.  It has become a credo here at Blog The Party to spend New Year’s Eve at a concert, or at a friend’s house-party, or simply to wander the streets in a Tuxedo creating one’s party as the night wanders on.  The notion of spending $100 to $150 simply to drink excessively in a bar with a lot of people you don’t know seems like a waste of time and money.  So to make it easier on y’all party people, here’s the Party Blog’s top New Year’s Eve parties for 2011…

1.  Phish, Madison Square Garden.  America’s premier rock n roll group is performing another famous New Year’s Eve show in the midst of their third incarnation, which is arguably the best the band has ever sounded.  The group has cleaned up its act, and in their unmistakably adult years, the band is tight and playing with a fury unmatched since the band’s glory days, which is arguable, however, their mastery of sound, lights, instrumentation, and the expectations of their loyal fan base has certainly brought Phish back to where it left off — and that is the best circus around.  If you can’t find tickets, the band is playing four nights so scalping one of the earlier nights will be cheaper and easier.  For more info, check out; and for tickets, try (but be ready to pay at least $100 for one of the shows even leading up to the ball drop).

Substitution: If you can’t make it out to Phish but will be in the New York area, another favorite party spot is Webster Hall, which claims to have the “Largest Balloon Drop” in the world, and who are we to disagree at the Party Blog?  Webster Hall has always treated us right, and has always featured kick-ass parties, whether it’s the Valerie Collective, ?uest Love, Lotus, MSTRKRFT, Warpaint, Inner Party System, or any of the other masterful artists that have called this party mecca home.  Tickets for the late night show (featuring NERO) are still available for $50 bucks, which is actually reasonable for NYE in NYC.  More information is available here

2.  Perpetual Groove — Center Stage, Atlanta GA.  Party Blog’s favorite band once again is throwing down for one of their famous NYE shows, and where more appropriate than the band’s home-base in Atlanta, GA.  This event will certainly be one for the ages as PGroove’s former keyboardist Matt McDonald returns to the stage full time to replace PGroove’s departing keyboardist John Hruby.  Both of these masters at the ivories bring something special each time they play.  Hruby brings a sex funkin’ energy that has propelled PGroove’s dance troup over the past three years, with a mindfulness and magic that has immediately made any new comers immediately fall in love with each other and the band.  All die hard Perps are sorry to see Hruby move on to new and exciting projects.  Nonetheless, McDonald’s ambient sound that seems to connect directly with the forces of nature surrounding him builds promise for the future.  The NYE shows will be special, as both of these craftsmen will be on stage, along with other special guests, and heads will definitely be metaphorically exploding left and right, all in the name of music, love, and survival.  For a mere $25 in advance, $30 at the door, or $40 for a two day show, this is one of those amazing deals where in 30 years you can say you were there, and only paid $40 for both nights.  Tickets are still available but the NYE show will likely sell out in advance.  Info available here:

3.  Lotus, Philadelphia Festival Pier.  Lotus, as they have become accustomed to do, is throwing down in their de facto home town for one of their famous NYE parties, featuring their trademark, zen-like trance inducing form of transfusion rocktronica.  With the precision of Kreftwork, and the improvisational courage of the Dead, this up-and-coming band will soon enough be known internationally for their forrays into the subconscious and eternal mindscapes.  If you are lucky enough to be in Philadelphia for this show, certainly $40 dollars is a steal, and beats fighting with bouncers for overpriced vodka drinks at Red Skyy (  Tickets are still available here (although this show will sell out so get on it party people!).

Alternatives — Avoid scams like paying $150 dollars for open bars in Philadelphia at all costs.  You might end up drunk, alone, and harassed by Jersey Trash.  A better option, believe it or not, would be making plans in advance, calling our favorite clubs like Voyeur or Roxxy early (like 9 PM to avoid lines) to either get on the guest list or check their websites in advance to get advance tickets.

Roxxy is doing a three hour open bar for only $45 as long as you “get on the list” by calling in advance at 215.931.0101.  Be nice to the bouncers here, be well behaved, and you will have the best trashy club experience of your life.

Other notable events in Philly leading up to NYE — check out the New Deal at the TLA on 12/28/2011 or Dark Star Orchestra at the Electric Factory on 12/29/2011.  These shows will nicely lead up to the main event on Saturday night, and it’s a good option to get funky if you have to be on the East Coast.

4.  Further, San Francisco, CA, Bill Graham Civic Auditorium.  For those of you who live on the East Coast, and crying about missing Further’s NYE show because you don’t live in San Francisco, well suck it up.  You’re not from San Francisco.  Do not fret, however, you Dead Heads, the most promising line-up since Jerry’s death is still touring heroically, and will until the music truly stops, even though you know damn well the music never stops.  It’s alright you dead heads from the East, there’s plenty of other bands who also know how to get seriously funky on NYE, just look at the rest of this list.  And if you do live in San Francisco, then obviously go to the Further show, if you can get tickets.  More info available here

5.  Famously Hot New Year with George Clinton and the P-Funk.  Columbia, South Carolina.  The Godfather of Funk is breaking it down the only way he know how — funky.  If you have ever seen the Godfather of Funk live, then you know how funky he still makes it and how rare he is, because they don’t make them funky like Dr. Funkenstein any more.  Sadly, the funkaholics out there all understand that Sir Psychoaquadiscobetafireaquadoodoo is getting up there in age, so you gotta get the funk while you still can.  And good it does sound still, whether you’re hearing it for the first time or the last.  To be honest, party people, if I had the option, this might be my number one choice for NYE because, let’s face it, Dr. Funkenstein is the quite possibly the greatest performer alive.  We are talking the likes of Bob Marley / John Lennon here, a true genius, yet nobody’s going to give him the credit he deserves until he sees the great Flashlight in the sky.  On that day, humanity will all follow unto the Mothership.  Until then, enjoy the party while it is still ticking.  Better yet, this party is free.  Info is available here:

6.  Follow the Party with the PartyBlog in New Orleans with PartyBoyGeezy, Mexico, Joe Jensen, Tinka, C-Money, Big J and other Party Bloggers…The Party Blog is heading down to the Big Easy for the New Year’s.  Mexico is entering the Great Gig in the Sky, tying the knot, biting the dust, so we’ll be down partying in our own brand of Party Blog fever.  Likely we will just head into the streets and see where the evening takes us, but if you would like to meet up at Jackson Square and drink a hurricane with the Party Blog, feel free to drop us a line.

Also, feel free to leave us a comment about your New Years Eve Party plans, what you have goin’ on, and where the party will be taking you.

Running of the Santas / Santacon

It is that time of year again Party People!  Yes, time to break out the dust of that old santa suit, grab your flask from college, and get ready to go Billy Bob under the protective cover of a Fat Man Suit and White Beard.  Here is the info for all you New York and Philadelphia bound party people this weekend:

SantaCon – Dec. 10, NYC (beginning in the early morning).  The starting point has not been announced (as is SantaCon custom) but you can follow the event here and find out the starting point (which will be announced THIS FRIDAY at 9 PM).

Info for the event can be found here:

Running of the Santas – Dec. 10, Phila (starting at various bars in Philadelphia and going until ???).  Get your running shoes on party people because Philadelphia’s biggest Santa sprint starts at Finnigan’s Wake in Philadelphia’s historic No’Lib’s neighborhood, and ends 3 blocks later at the Festival Pier.  The run is a short, full out sprint, yet surprisingly difficult to under a heavy red suit, beard, and belly.  PartyBlog even had a few illegal participants enter the race from the one block in, and nearly sprinted to victory (as there seem to be little enforcement of the ground rules in the Running of the Santas), yet ran out of Four Loko Juice, only to lose to the legitimate Santas who likely started at the start-line.  Our fellow party bloggers have informed us this year to bring extra red-bull, five hour energies, and Four Lokos for that extra jolt in those last 100 yards.

Info for the event can be found here: