Disappointing news, Philadelphia, Your Mardi Gras is Lame


So, having viewed the Mardi Gras options, PartyBoyGeezy feels discouraged, disappointed, flabbergasted, bamboozled…

Where have you been for the past two months PartyBoy?  You were all hyped about the election, recent legalization of marijuana in two states, reelection of the most liberal president in 16 years, etc. etc. etc.

Well, party people, when the elections happen there is an inevitable disappointment that follows.  The expectation that things will change, only to have your dreams dashed, and John Brennan – the drone czar – nominated as secretary of the C.I.A., so that the USA, your home town, will inevitably continue along with a course of secretive killings of people that already hate us.  Only to hate us more.

So then, there it is, in the distance, Mardi Gras, the promise of things to come, only – whaaaaaa…THERE’S NOTHING GOING ON FOR MARDI GRAS?!?!?  Times are tough, dude-bro, times are tough…

Well, there are some happenings, just not till Friday weekend.


The West Philadelphia Orchestra

West Philadelphia Orchestra and another brass band (Raya Brass Band) is playing Friday Night at Johnny Brenda’s ($12 at the door) and that seems to be the best option so far.

So at least there’s that going.  Bad news, however, is there’s nothing coming down the pipe after that. Harsh.  Lent is just that party people – without chocolate boomers or sugary spice.  The best thing we got going is a 420 show with Keller Williams (note: 420 falls on a Saturday this year) then 2 Bassnectar shows at the E Factory on May 1 and 2- one of which is already sold out? Are you f-ing joshin’ me bro?  Bassnectar is sold out 3 months in advance? Budge. Then you know there ain’t dick going on.  So – that’s it.  I’m moving to Costa Rica, bra, buying a long board (cuz short board is too rough), and it’s beachtown shanty bar time, like Hemmingway, forcing my local hookers to give me a kickback while buying their condoms for free, fighting crime sensibly one day at a time, and that’s it – maybe even settling down with Dr. Goodlove and living the easy life – cuz working all the time, then not even having good parties to go to at night – that’s that sh*t I don’t like!