Running of the Santas / Santacon

It is that time of year again Party People!  Yes, time to break out the dust of that old santa suit, grab your flask from college, and get ready to go Billy Bob under the protective cover of a Fat Man Suit and White Beard.  Here is the info for all you New York and Philadelphia bound party people this weekend:

SantaCon – Dec. 10, NYC (beginning in the early morning).  The starting point has not been announced (as is SantaCon custom) but you can follow the event here and find out the starting point (which will be announced THIS FRIDAY at 9 PM).

Info for the event can be found here:

Running of the Santas – Dec. 10, Phila (starting at various bars in Philadelphia and going until ???).  Get your running shoes on party people because Philadelphia’s biggest Santa sprint starts at Finnigan’s Wake in Philadelphia’s historic No’Lib’s neighborhood, and ends 3 blocks later at the Festival Pier.  The run is a short, full out sprint, yet surprisingly difficult to under a heavy red suit, beard, and belly.  PartyBlog even had a few illegal participants enter the race from the one block in, and nearly sprinted to victory (as there seem to be little enforcement of the ground rules in the Running of the Santas), yet ran out of Four Loko Juice, only to lose to the legitimate Santas who likely started at the start-line.  Our fellow party bloggers have informed us this year to bring extra red-bull, five hour energies, and Four Lokos for that extra jolt in those last 100 yards.

Info for the event can be found here:

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