Check out everybody’s favorididdy Pakistani, Zeb Malik, and his family’s brain child – PO PO’s – release party. The album dropped earlier this week. Party is on Mon. March 5. 10 PM. M ROOM. 15 W. Girard Ave.


PartyBlog used to party with PO PO’s brain child way back in the day, when people first got licenses to drive and whatnot, starting fights at high school dances, peacocking, dance competitive-type stuff and Zeb would always win.  Malik the elder has always been the weirdest cat around.  We’re talking Zappa-like type visions that only the big man can create in his wild, whirling, dervish cacophonous musicianship.  Come check out my man’s drop party and buy some t-shirts. YO DUUUUUDE I SAY!


Big Zeb played a few tracks from his new album, closed with a classic, and did not disappoint.  PartyBlog’s favorite track from the evening was the second song, featured below.  The central piece of the song was a repitition of the chant – “What we do…” which begs the question.  The open ended nature of the statement implies meaning of itself in its own existential context.  What is it that we do as humans?  What is the meaning of our time on Earth?  Do we even care about our long term impacts, do we care about society as a whole, or simply do we care about ourselves.  These existential questions that pushes the observer into a trance-like state while watching and traveling with Big Zeb are what make Po Po’s music interesting and compelling.  What is it that we do – most I would surmise to say – don’t even know or necessarily think about it.  And in the words of So-CRATES, PartyBlog’s favorite philosopher, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”



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