PGroove Plays St Paddy’s Day Show In Philly

Hey Paddy People –

Make sure not to drink too much beer today so that you can’t make it out tonight…Party Blog’s favorite modern rock band – bringing you sweet synthetic sounds to make you more organically inclined and environmentally connected – Perpetual Groove – is bringing their special sound to Philadelphia for a one night engagement on the day St. Paddy fixed the snake problem in Ireland.  PGroove, as affectionately called by its fan base, features live rock, looping, ambient trance, and heavily percussive bass and drums.  It’s similar to watching a DJ, hip-hop, old fashioned hoe down, jazz, and classic rock show all rolled into one.  Come out for the drink specials, stay for the band.

Also featuring Baltimore favorites – Segway – and four other East Coast acts, tonight’s party is guaranteed to be a St. Paddy’s Day for the ages.  The show is tonight at the Blockley, music starts at 5 PM, cover is $15.

PGroove’s former keyboardist, Matt McDonald, returned this year after a nearly 4 year hiatus from the band.  PartyBlog is extremely excited to hear the band’s second reiteration with Matt on keys, because it was with Matt that PGroove really found its chops and proved itself to be truly one of the greatest live acts today, and therefore, in the history of mankind.  Come ring in the Spring with Brock and the Boys at what will prove to be the last great party of the Winter Than Never Was.

In case you are not convinced, consider the following.  The greatest PGroove show we at the PartyBlog ever experienced was in 2007 at their annual festival concert – Amberland – an annual event taking place every Memorial Day Weekend.  2007 was the first year the event was held at Cherokee Farms, and it proved such an epic success that every year since the band has returned to keep the party going, and to ring in the summer in appropriate fashion.  If you are not convinced, then by all means, keep reading.

Over Memorial Day,2007, PartyBlog first attended a three-day party called Amberland (available for free download here on; information for this year’s Amberland available here – currently only $75 for the entire three days of camping, music, yoga, and fun that will change your life).  During the annual event, located at Cherokee Farm in Lafayette, Georgia, modern society transitorily morphed into a new dawn of peace, love, and acceptance, thanks to Perpetual Groove, who, every Memorial Day, becomes the biggest band in America.  It represented a moment in time of sheer fantasy and joy, having desired to achieve such a state of mind during my entire existence on Earth, yet unable to do so thus far.  However, at this event, everyone was truly on the same page, accepting our joy for life, our hatred of fascism, and unifying in a desire to save the Earth and create a more harmonious, free planet, where love binds us and not fear.  In 2007, the music was so good and so loud that neighbors complained and the cops threatened to shut it down on the final night.  The decision all fans there had to make was – do we insist on partying all night and risking jail because the moment is more important – or do we leave out of fear of the industrial-military complex? Those who stayed, witnessed the earth shake as angels and aliens watched from the heavens above, made possible by a collapsing universe, a singularity generated by the sheer power of the music on stage, where for a moment, not only were all partiers connected, but the entire universe connected as well.  Keep Playing!  The fans urged.  You’ll be the biggest band in America!

The logic was that if the band accepted their fate as noise violators, and played until arrest, surely the world at large would take notice, in local news and then the word would get out.

Man, you hear that P-Groove was so outta control the whole party got arrested? 

The whole party was ready for a would-be showdown between the new-aged, sun-glass wearing at night, burnt-out hippy fan base and local gun weilding police.  Everybody had run through their stash, fireworks had already been discharged, there’s was nothing left to do except engage in an old fashioned riot. The rage of years of unjust wars, a lying president, a country having lost its way, suspicious surveilance programs, and a government encroaching on individual liberties had been pent up too long, and the skinny college and graduate school-aged hippie liberals in pajama pants were ready to run, stick their feet out, trip the cops, thumb their nose at the establishment, all of which would have likely resulted in hundreds of arrests among a loyal fan base and landed the entire party in a small county jail.  What a scene it would have been with glow stick hula hoops, oversized sunglasses, sequined shirts in the local county jail overrun with so many hipsters and new agers that there wouldn’t have been any room for the DUI or drunk crowd.

The Walker County jail could have never handled the party – even though everyone was ready to sacrifice their lives in a mass showing of Civil disobedience[1]. An appropriate Washington Generals v. Harlem Globetrotter-esque full out showdown between nouveau liberals running like Bugs Bunnies away from the Elmer Fudds and Yosemite Sams of the world in an appropriately comedic fashion, with the little skinny kids sprinting back and forth along the farm’s fields away from their would-be captors, not tiring due to the sheer adrenaline pumping through their veins after 3 days of heart pounding and mind-expanding music, overcoming physical limitations of the mind and body.  Such a scene, done appropriately, could have thrust P-Groove into local then national folk lore.

Did you hear about that band PGroove and their festival Amberland?  I heard they played so dangerously good, made the heavens ring so loud that everyone had to go to jail!!

But the band wouldn’t do it.  They wouldn’t put their own interests above their fans.   Risking massive arrests of their own fans was not the manner the band wanted to make it.  Even if humanity needed it so that the whole world could find out…The band could not, however, sell out its people…So they sacrificed their own fame for the interests of those who love them.

“They couldn’t do that – they couldn’t sell out the fans,” explained Big J.  “People
would hear that everyone got arrested at Amberland.  No one in the scene would want to deal with them after that.”

“No way man,” replied Partyboygeezy. “We were all ready to get arrested.  We were ready…”

“Yeah, I know.”

So instead the band stopped at the height of the party…“Sorry folks, the law says we have to stop…”  Chants broke out on the farm late Sunday night — an impromptu NWA dance party…Folk the Police!  Folk Folk Folk the Police! This is why you can trust PGroove when they are in charge.  Cooler heads prevail.  The people on stage knew damn well that you never know with cops.  Often they do not understand nor necessarily accept their role as catalysts to revolution, and are liable to start shooting…

Stemming from such experiences, PartyBlog always felt on the cusp of something special.  So for these reasons, we keep partying, and going to PGroove shows, and at some point more people will make it be known whose the baddest party band around…

Becoming an enemy of the state, when there is no longer a protective shield between you and the evil forces of power that strive to control the status quo in defiance of a natural world that demands growth and evolution.  Appriopriate Civil Disobedience is the greatest, most revered, achievement of all revolutionaries.

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