Summer is Running out of Time!!! Time to Party

So now that the summer is over, what the hell fuck are you waiting for?

Disappointed you didn’t make it to Camp Bisco?

Sorry to hear that.  The report though from Corbisco Rhodisco was entirely positive of the experience, as he texted on his way home…

“Bisco was awwwwwwwwsome, you have to come next year…”

Burning Man burned down last Labor Day Weekend.  Bud’s MadeinAmerica rocked, but now the keg’s kicked man.  So what’s left?  Lotus and Ghosland in FDR Park?  Amon Tobin two days later? City Bisco (Mann Music Center, Oct. 5 & 6, including Bisco, RJD2, DIPLO, A-TRAK, and much more…), thrown in with a little PGroove fall run, Mitt Romney wins the presidency, then off to int’l waters via Jam Cruise 11…then some ski and hot tub?  I can get through the winter quite nicely actually…

So even though I’m no Snoop Dogg myself, i might make all this happen. The real question is who I am gonna take and how am I gonna make this happen?

1.  Make the decisions based upon how much money is left in your wallet…

With all the options, it’s hard to make a decision…Since my summer home at the shore zapped my wallet, I have so little time and money… I know, I don’t really care –there’s lots I want to see and more importantly lots (and who) I wanna do — so if I can’t afford it, I’ll get another job.  Go into Bankruptcy.  Simply getting there is worth it.  Just don’t forget to bring the party punch.

2.Don’t worry that the Bruce Spingsteen show is over, there’s still plenty to do now.

Just get your game face on and get ready for the election.  Then Christmas.  Time to start gigercising in advance of Thanksgiving.

3.&4.  Lotus, FDR Park; PGroove East Coast Run; Amon Tobin; Afghan Whigs; City Bisco; Halloween…

Don’t worry little kiddies.  You think the year is over?  Well, it’s just getting started.  This is when things get weird and ghosts start coming out of the woodworks, even theAfghan Whigs.

5.  Finally, the quicker you make plans, the more friends you can convince to attend…

This is a lie.  Your friends are all idiots.  If they don’t know what parties are good for them then go by yourself instead.

6. If all else fails, make a calendar of upcoming local parties, and base your decisions simply on the nights you have free…

This is all crap too.  I just copied this list from this dude who loves Bisco and is probably the greatest party boy in Philly right now (or just keep up with the party blog):

9/15 Lotus, Ghostland Observatory, Mimosa, Michael Menert, Sonic Spank @ FDR Park

Sept. 17  – Amon Tobin (E-Factory)

Sept. 21-22 – Pgroove (Brooklyn Bowl); Sept. 25; Burlington; Sept. 26 Fairfield; Sept. 27 DC; Sept. 28 Philly (Blockley); Sept. 29 B-More

Sept. 28 – Perpetual Groove (Blockley 10 PM)

Sept. 27 – Afghan Whigs (E-Factory)

9/27 David Byrne, St. Vincent @ Tower

Oct. 5 & 6 – City Bisco (Mann Music Center) (Feat. Disco Biscuits and Guests!)

9/10 Papa M (of Slint) @ JBs
9/13 Dragonette @ UT
9/14 John K Band @ Blockley
9/15 Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, Phèdre, Ferraro @ UT
9/17 Amon Tobin ISAM @ E-Factory
9/18 L I G H T N I N G B O L T @ UT
9/18 Corin Tucker Band (of Sleater-Kinney) @ JBs
9/20 Purity Ring @ Church
9/22 Metric @ Tower
9/25 Twin Shadow, Niki And The Dove @ UT
9/27 Grimes, Elite Gymnastics, Myths @ UT
9/27 David Byrne, St. Vincent @ Tower
9/29 Zammuto (of The Books) @ JBs
10/2 godspeed you black emperor! @ UT
10/3 A N I M A L C O L L E C T I V E @ Mann Center
10/3 Polica @ UT
10/5 Adam Ant @ Troc
10/5-10/6 CITY BISCO @ The Mannnnnnnn
10/11 Jens Lekman @ UT
10/16 Beach House @ UT
10/19 Aussie Pink Floyd @ Tower
10/27 S Q U A R E P U S H E R @ TLA
10/27 Dinosaur Jr @ UT
11/15 DAN DEACON, Height With Friends, Chester Endersby Gwazda, Alan Resnick @ UT
11/16 Yeasayer @ UT
11/18 Conor Oberst @ Kimmel Center
11/29 A John Waters Christmas @ Troc

(REMEMBER, Glowsticks fucking suck.  They kill fish and shit.  So do plastic bottles, shoelaces, trashbags, plastic swords, styrofoam cups, and other rotten shit like that.  Pick up shit that’s not biodegradable.  If you eat a banana, I don’t give a fuck about it, compost that shit.)

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