Last week (Sept. 15, 2012) Ghostland Observatory rocked out FDR Park.  Just as Big J and I entered the venue, a park that Lotus turned into an outdoor end-of-the-summer celebration, Ghostland Observatory began its set which was one of the best lazer light shows I have ever seen.

This duo puts out more sound than any duo I’ve heard.  I was surprised, however, that Aaron Behrens was not in as colorful an outfit as usual, opting for a more subdued, grungy plaid shirt, and not dancing much either during the opening track.  However, within ten minutes his plaid shirt was off, black t-in full effect, and he was tramping all over the stage, better than any of the revelers who had come to see his epic dance moves.

However, Thomas Ross Turner was in his trademark cape, as he is the magician, the wizard, the Count of the Synth…he rocks out with his cape out always.

Midway through their set they played Sad Sad City…I wanted to get a beer, and I told Big J, but the music was sooo good man we just had to wait.  Ghostland had the whole crowd in the palm of their hand…Behrens screamed out to the crowd, to sing the verse, and the crowd, not entirely familiar with this band, joined in, but tentatively —

Well, I need you

to want me, To hold me, to tell me the truth

Say I need you to want me, To hold me, to tell me the truth, yeah

(ain’t no party in a sad sad city)

It was great, the whole crowd singing the chorus, yet not entirely sure of themselves through the tongue-twisty words…no worries…party people.  I screamed out the lyrics as loud as I could, hoping to lead the party into the sweet spot.  Towards the end of the show, these guys hit this awesome little jam, and I had to capture it.  In the middle, you can see Winnie the Pooh dancing on a stick.  Pooh Bear loves to party.

Lotus then came on for the final set of the night.  They came on at about 8:55, and I told Big J that they would likely play two hours straight, without a set break, and we began to get excited.  The FDR Park festival had a perfectly set up beer area, partitioned by low lit christmas lights that made it look slightly sketchy.  Even though you could not leave the beer area (because they don’t want old young adults like me selling beer to 20 yr old college dudes at a 5000% mark-up, or even worse, giving it for free to young girls – THINK OF THE CHILDREN), the stage was close and you could see the lights and hear the music perfectly.

The transient energy that Lotus builds upon makes it perfect for a two hour show, no set break.  The lack of the break means the energy continues to build, along with the party.  The show ended early because of time restrictions, but what a night!  Lotus played its homebase with some serious pride, and their fans reacted with the same pleasure!

And for those who wanted the party to go on longer, there were massive amounts of people swimming in fish tanks outside for about a half-an hour after the show, and Chickie’s and Pete’s was still open, serving food and slinging beer until closing time at 2:00AM.


Only two days later (Sept. 17, 2012) Amon Tobin rocked out the E-Factory.  It being CRSN’s bday and all, the Beerman treated him to a birthday night out, with complete access to the upstairs VIP and all!!  While the opening act was fairly run-of-the mill dub-step type stuff, that really lacked anything to hook you in, once Amon Tobin started, it was clear why he is one of the premier djs in the world.

Amon Tobin provides a unique experience of transcendence and awareness – with the wonder that if we are here in 2012 both musically and in terms of a visual experience – how much farther can we go?  With technology and imagination leading the way, will this look archaic in five years? Ten years?  How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?  The world may never know…

Amon Tobin conducts the party with his hands

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