Pgroove Does the Blockley Right

Pgroove’s opener, a vivacious young band from New York named Tawk – was certainly worthy for one of America’s premier rock bands.  Around 10:45 Tawk finished up with a complex nerd-rock song of climbing scales and layered sounds, while the $4.00 premier beers were delicious.  My only complaint about the Blockley is that beers can be expensive – so imagine my surprise when Troegs and Lagunitas were on sale until 12:00…and I thought it was only getting the deal because I was sporting a Brian Dawkins jersey, whose number is being retired this Sunday.  Turns out, nope, that’s not the deal, everybody was getting deal, as I learned when the bar tender looked at her screen and started charging me $6.00 after 12:00.

Either way, the night turned out to be a blur, as do so many Fridays after a long week of work.  There’s value in sobriety.  I just haven’t seem to realize that yet on a global level.  Certainly too, when the excitement of one of your favorite bands playing at a small venue, with people who enjoy music, it’s hard not to buy a few beers and get down.

The set opened up with Albert Suttle playing on drums over a track of Cali Swag District’s “Teach me How to Dougie” – and immediately I was up front in the middle of the crowd.  This song is amazing.  It might be my favority wrap song that’s come out in years.

PGroove played hard for 2.5 hours.  No set break.  Solid.  This band just keeps the good times rolling – getting bigger and better, slowly building its following.  At the end of the night, when I asked for my credit card from the female bar tender, she doesn’t believe that I have a credit card with her.  I swear that my William Shatner Visa is behind the bar. She refuses to believe me.  After about 5 minutes of me promising to her that she does, she finds it, and I get a free beer for my troubles.  Then I went back stage after the show.  The backstage at the Blockley isn’t glamorous in terms of what we think backstages should be.  But it’s pretty cool.  There’s a basement with industrial equipment and a large parking lot in the back where the busses park. I saw Matt McDonald (Pgroove Keboardist) and Adam Perry (bassist) by their bus and I got them to sign my red hard hat – which I wore as an homage to the working man – along with my Brian Dawkins jersey – another hard working man.  The lead guitarist for Tawk was poking around as well, and he signed one of the free CDs they were giving out during their show (awesome!), but I realize now that I didn’t open the CD first, so he signed the cellophane wrapper (not awesome…), so now I have to get another one of their CDs if I actually want to listen to it…which I do…cuz they are pretty good…so dumb dude…

All in all, a great show which I had to describe as Shakespearian – but only if I had been alive during Shakespeare’s time.  Basically, art in living color, real time.  Each show different, even if the songs have been played before.  Now I am nursing a hangover, lying on my couch, watching college football.  I LOVE AMERICA!!

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