Consider the Source – Tonight at the Blockley

Hello PartyPeOpLe–

TONIGHT!! BLOCKLEY!! Consider the Source…Playing at 9 PM.  You will be remiss if you miss…


Three Musicians converging on an epic plateau of sound and reflex. Three conscious minds communicating on sub-conscious levels. New York City’s CONSIDER THE SOURCE is the fourth voice, produced when the trio’s three distinct personalities combine forces to share their inner music freely with each other.

PartBlog first partied with the Source at Amberland XI, and they proved to be a remarkable trio of individual musicians, yet together push the envelop of perception to another plateau, combining old word eastern melodies and scales with novel electronically augmented interpretations.  While the most appropriate venue for Consider the Source is before the pyramids of Gaza or the Colosseum of Pompeii, with their distinctive brand of music presented as an homage to the greater rational invisible forces that control the universe, Consider the Source is playing instead at a local PourHouse, saving us all the trip to the Middle East.

Read more about Amberland XI and Consider the Source here:


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