The Aftermath of the Fourth of July


Pitbull partied down on the Fourth, but in a manner that honestly reflected this country’s history. Can the rest of the Country do the same?

Each year on the Fourth of July people throw up the flags, go to a parade, enjoy fireworks, and generally cheer, blindly, about how GREAT the USofA is as a Nation. In light of recent migrant jailing and child separations, Supreme Court’s upholding of the Muslim Travel Ban, the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico, and general hostility from the Oval Office towards anything different (think: “Shit-hole countries”), many in America on the losing side of the culture war seem to feel as if the Country has taken a step back.The Fourth of July felt a little off this year. As best summed up by the Gay Boy, aka Joe Jensen, who was undercover reporting from Mississippi during Independence Day:

Look at this collection of winners. In particular, notice the combo confederate / thin blue line flag on the far left – appropriately hanging on portable shitter – where it belongs. 

Ironically, those in support of thin blue line buck at the notion of infringement of civil liberty. It’s about time we stop being so damn hypocritical as a country and recognize what the thin blue line really means:

Editors note: Some may argue, well surely it is fine, if you are policeman, relative, or family member to sport the thin blue line. Wrong. You are falling into the crowd-like mentality of a gang. The first rule to joining any gang is – don’t rat out your friends. Snitches get stitches. If you are sporting the thin blue line, and following its mentality – you are engaging in a mafioso-style Omerta form of endorsement. The symbolism of the flag means that no one steps over the blue line. It means that police protect their fellow cops by refusing to report or testify against them. This is what we expect from criminal organizations – not tax-payer funded civil servants expected to serve the public. 

We at the Partyblog do not condone the use of the thin blue line superimposed with the American Flag. The Constitution embodies distrust of the police state, while the thin blue line wholeheartedly endorses it.  We at the Partyblog understand the unfortunate reality that large swaths of the population are drinking the kool aid. Most just follows what Fox News, Rush Limbaugh or Alex Jones tell them to think.

We cannot, however, understand how the Stars & Bars can continue to be viewed as an acceptable form of promotion of ideology or community. After all, what are flags other than a symbol of endorsement of the community with which you seek to be associated. It is time for those who fly the confederate flag to understand how offensive it truly is. The “Stainless Banner” aka the “Blood Stained Banner” aka the “American Swastika” shit-flag was the second flag of the Confederacy. It was used during the Civil War and as a result it is a living symbol of treason against the Union in perseverance of the institution of slavery. In the after- math of the Civil War – beginning in the Jim Crow era South and continuing until today – the Stained Banner acts as rallying cry for those opposed to equal rights. The Blood-Stained Flag was flown by proto-fascist, terrorist, militant organizations whose goal was the subjugation of an entire race of people upon whose blood and sweat this country’s was built upon. From the inception of its use, the flag’s purpose and intent was to terrorize those brown people who showed the tiniest sliver of independence, civil liberty or yearning for freedom.  When people say, “it’s our history,” you are correct. It is our heritage – of a racist, decrepit, and shameful past. It is time to accept the truth of our past, not deny the reality of our shameful history of racist impulses, state-sanctioned murder, and degradation.

Shady G reported this Fourth of July from  the Lynching Memorial in Montgomery, Alabama. His parents – naturalized citizens – were not born with the right to vote.  His great great uncle was lynched. From Shady G:

I was looking at my great great uncle’s name and started thinking about his mother, who I have heard my great grandmother talk about. She was a slave. A legit cotton picking, what you see in the movies slave. She faced horrors that we cannot fathom, but she had hope for a brighter tomorrow. Because of her hope, I am here. Realistically, we may not live to see the changes we fight for. We do it for future generations. Part of being black in America is having to have hope for a brighter tomorrow. What we are seeing now, the backlash, may be a moment in white fragility in America. We are making progress and cannot focus on the dark clouds, but instead must see the sun breaking through. 

Regardless, for us all to move forward as a nation, we must recognize our collective history.  The “ideal” that we assign to the founders and the Fourth of July is itself a myth. Our founding did not provide that all “men were created equal,” other than land-owning white men.  The country’s founders were not interested in equality for all. Inequality was institutionalized in every founding document of our nation. To ignore the stark history and create a noble myth is a problem. The longer we believe the ahistorical ideal that America was founded upon, the harder it is to actually achieve justice and equality. If you look at America from the perspective of a married, inter-racial couple, it’s as if White America cheats on Black America, and then gets mad when called out for its infidelity.

Now, there may be some benefit in seeing the country’s founders today in a mythical quality. It provides citizens with a set of common goals to work towards beyond self-interest. However, when one-half refuses to acknowledge historical reality, it keeps all of the country mired in a zero-sum game.The longer we hold onto the notion that the founders were completely just and honorable, the harder it will be for those disenfranchised by the country to buy in.  If the reality of our past is built upon a lie, claiming that the country was based upon a notion of equality for all when in fact it institutionalized slavery and degradation of fellow man, we cannot move towards the ideal that this country may still become.  Upon recognition and acceptance that all people are truly equal, “zero-tolerance”  is not a winning argument.  We may “today” ascribe a progressive vision to the founders’ view that their intention was for all people to be “equal” in the future, but the reality is the founders legalized a system that resulted in massacres of “savages” and enslavement of millions of people. So instead of prescribing idealism to the founders – we must recognize the idealism in ourselves. We must repatriate the view of the founders and make it our own, as oppose to ascribing universal freedom and liberty to men who were to beholden to wealth, pressure, and mercantile / capitalistic impulses to make it a reality. “If there be an object truly ridiculous in nature, it is an American patriot, signing resolutions of independency with the one hand, and with the other brandishing a whip over his affrighted slaves”  -Thomas Day, 1776

So next time the Fourth of July rolls around, we should view it as a memorial, not simply a blind, bro-ish celebration to blow up as much shit as possible. Our country is founded on a compromise that resulted in the royal mistreatment of a lot of people. So now we have to make up for it. Time to admit to the sins and abominations and move forward. There are two potential solutions: 1) put high doses of liquid LSD in Busch Light so that White America can have a collective out of body experience and view the world from a different perspective (see Party Tips, No. 6) in the or 2) start to support a form of pay-it-forward, truth and reconciliation, and a real form of reparations that can help all of those whose families were totally screwed improve and build upon the future through education and enlightenment.

We are talking about free public tuition for all ancestors of indigenous peoples and slaves. If you can trace your lineage, you get free public college. It shouldn’t be that hard to sell. We also believe that public college should be super cheap for everyone. But for a small percentage of the population, whose families got screwed, it should be completely free.

Did you say make billionaires pay for it?

While we are at it – let’s reduce our defense and NSA spying budget, use that towards infrastructure improvements, and suddenly we have a Fourth of July the Partyblog can celebrate with a huge bonfire on Ron Paul’s lawn and roasted marshmallows with Rene Boucher (see Party Tips, No. 5).

Which brings us back to Pitbull’s Fourth of July Concert. If you are going to party on the Fourth of July, do it like Pitbull.  Excuse the Facebook video. Facebook is the worst video platform imaginable. We need to make a rule that organizations and people just post to Youtube. I don’t want to see Russian fake news when I click on a video. But this clip was not available elsewhere.

"Let's help each other, not divide each other. Let's unite each other." Thank you, Pitbull for an amazing and memorable Wawa Welcome America July 4th Concert on the Parkway. You're always welcome in the 2-1-5! Relive all the coverage:

Posted by NBC10 Philadelphia on Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Pitbull understands the ideal that we can achieve today. The founder’s view was imperfect. Pitbull’s view is not. Pitbull is the real leader of the free world. The Party World.

Final Note: at the end of the video when the crowd starts chanting “USA! USA! USA!” most of the POC’s look around uncomfortably. It’s probably time to retire the “USA! USA! USA!” chant. It was cool when it was chanted against the Iron Sheik in WWF wrestling matches. But the Iron Sheik is retired. And he lives in Georgia, USA. If you see the Iron Sheik, by all means…yell in his face “USA! USA!” Otherwise, it is reminiscent of a 2016 RNC thing. Like the person chanting is taking ownership over the USA. The USA does not belong to anyone. Except for billionaire Republican donors. This is whom “our” country’s founders were protecting.  So remember the only people who can credibly say “my country” and “my history” are the billionaires who want to keep this country, and this world, all to themselves, and divided so that one half will support their kleptocracy by way of identity politics. To get the country – it’s going to require reconciling with the past and the foundation this country was built upon. Once we can do that, then we really are the same. We are united against the rich capitalist bastards who want to steal our country and our Party – in whatever form it takes – and keep it to themselves. 

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