Why are Americans Supporting Bart O’Kavanaugh?

On the eve of America’s Second Biggest Douchebag getting confirmed to the Supreme Court, I cannot help but scratch my head at why so many fellow Americans – none of whom know Kavanaugh personally – have given the man such support in the face of allegations that he drunkenly forced himself upon a younger girl. So many Americans are saying, he’s a good man with a good record. How many have actually read his judicial opinions? How do you know that? All of the written evidence points to this guy being a huge douche.

Instead of simply letting futility set in, the PartyBlog wants to point to the written record. It’s human nature to deny accusations when you KNOW nothing bad is going to happen for admitting a wrongdoing or a crime. Looking at the writings of the man, it clearly indicates someone who was not following the rule of law and was totally comfortable engaging in shady summer activities, when this assault allegedly occurred. Also, how many people do you know with an alias that are innocent? SERIOUSLY!

A quick review of the letter sent from Kavanaugh to his cronies, signed .  as the alias, Bart O’Kavanaugh, sheds further light on this mind boggling situation of Kavanaugh’s nomination. Something to keep in mind, from the PartyBlog’s perspective is, how is this man going to make this country better? He’s an accused sex offender. Do we really want him on the highest Court? The resounding answer should be no. As Americans, we should be good enough as a people to come together on this issue. Even if you are inclined to believe Kavanaugh’s denials (again, for no good reason, as fully explained from a legal perspective here, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt). The next question then, one must ask — is he going to improve our lives? Is Kavanaugh going to promote unity, criminal justice reform, workers’ rights, people’s ability to assemble, create art, protest peacefully, or is he a tool of the state on the side of the GOP? The people on the right who  are his supporters – and supposedly hate the state – continue to blindly fall in line with the party that most frequently take away and limit our rights. It is confounding.

Let’s look at Kavanaugh’s actual words in the form of the letter to his dip-shit buddies leading up to “BEACH WEEK”:

Four noteworthy items stand out:

1) The mention that we’ll welcome girls with “open ….” The ellipses is a reference to open “legs.” The idea – clearly – is to get girls so good and drunk that they cannot resist. Again, Ford’s allegations – as shocking as they seem at first – are consistent with the narrative that these kids were drinking too much and out of control, and did not care about the consequences.

2) The letter is signed “FFFFF”. The same terminology appears on O’Kavanaugh’s yearbook page. Clearly there is deeper meaning here. This is not a reference to someone’s stuttering friend. After all of the hoopla, and genuflecting about luring women in, we must go back to Avenatti’s claim that this means “French, finger, fuck, forget,” whatever. If you believe that this is due to a stutter – why the FFFFF would the END of the letter simply say: “FFFFFF.” It appears, in plain sight, to be a entreaty that all comers in the clique FIND FINGER FUCK FRENCH FORGET. Are we smart – stupid – or just willfully blind. Even if you refuse to believe the prevailing explanation – are you satisfied with Bart O’Kavanaugh’s explanation? Yeah, my buddy used to stutter so it’s an inside joke…Do you really believe that – especially when the letter was signed by “Bart”?

3) How many people do you trust that knowingly use an alias? Especially when trying to be devious. When you add the whole thing up – whose explanation makes more sense? The guy who is trying to hide something, signs missives by way of his alias as an effort to hide his identity, and brags about exploits – or the person who seemed totally believable with everything to lose? Finally, we now know that Bart O’Kavanaugh cannot deny the reference to his identity in Judge’s book – Wasted, Tales of a White Drunk (or whatever the title is) – as Bart O’Kavanaugh. The reference in the book states something to the effect of “Do you know Bart O’Kavanaugh? He puked all over himself in a car.” Charming.

4) This guy was planning beach week, but could not make the deposit because he was in Ireland with his family. How many average Americans go from Ireland with their family one week to Beach Week the next. I’m not holding it against anyone whose family sends them on an international trip. Good for you! However, this is clearly not an average Joe. This is someone from privilege. We need average people, from average backgrounds, on the Supreme Court. We need judges who understand the needs of every-day citizens. Why do so many preach LOVE for the President, as if he is an average person? The same inclination seems to apply for Bart O’Kavanaugh. Do we really think that by voting for someone, or supporting someone when they have shown themselves to be a total and utter D-Bag, that somehow that will pull us up economically? Has Donald Trump sent anyone a check for buying an overpriced hat made in China? Has anyone actually gotten something out of this whole shit show to make their lives better?

Which brings us to the next topic – to be further explored in depth in the next segment. It is time for Americans of all walks and colors to recognize that the party in power (Republicans) and even the moderate Democrats – do not care about our well being.  The GOP is dedicated to its corporate donors first and foremost. It has successfully convinced mostly white, conservatives, to support their cause. Their actual cause however, is corporate power and big bucks! The GOP are not your friends. They do not support your right to drink beer in public, grow or smoke weed, or assemble to protest. They do not care about anything such as the citizens’ right to make a living, healthcare, increasing minimum wage. They want you to pay more for water, utilities, so their buddies get rich. 

It is time for this country to unite together and revolt against the corporate megadonors that are shamelessly and blatantly controlling our government. Do you think that Bart O’Kavanaugh is going to do anything on the Supreme Court except further the destruction of basic civil rights and the right to organize – while insulating those in power? When your brother is dope sick – is Kavanaugh going to care? When we need hospitals to be funded so we can get our kids healthy, do you honestly think this guy is getting behind that or destroying healthcare if his backers support it? Is he going to protect access to medicine or the rights of Big Pharma? His job – his job forever – was to help his friends. Whether this means help them get drunk, piss drunk, pissier drunk, commit sex crimes, indict a sitting president (which he now claims is unconstitutional), or support Donald Trump’s never-ending power grab, Bart O’Kavanaugh is consistent. And this is not going to help you and me get to his or her universal party or American Dream. Unless your version of a party is to violate the rights of others, rob, cheat, and steal to get to the top.  


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