Feels Like A Stranger


The song below. Pretty much how it feels these days to be around white people, as a white person, who does not agree with the way this Country is headed.

Bart O’Kavanaugh was confirmed. It’s one thing for Trumpy Drumpf to get elected. It’s another thing for a sexual predator to get confirmed. If people elect someone in, it is clear that the consensus (albeit a small one – a total consensus of voters less than the actual loser, which makes the Electoral college basically the same as NCAA football pre-BCS) goes for this guy. What makes this different, is that this certain Bart O’Kavanaugh is not elected. Lacks the approval of the Country. Yet he is given one of the most powerful positions in the free world. For the first time in a long time, when we see other white people, and we wonder about their positions, we wonder what their motivation is. What is the greater purpose behind all of this? This Country – It feels like a stranger:

Note: Yes this post was written by a straight white person. For any black, brown, gay, queer, special needs. This is not news. Country has never been nice to lots of peopo.

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