Since last week, the following most political / newsy shit happened: 1) an important journalist was butchered intentionally by a major American ally as a state act, (2) some immigrants the size of a minor league baseball crowd/ Christians who speak Spanish are seeking to escape a dangerous situation and are slowly walking North, and (3) some bombs were sent in the mail, blacks were shot for the purpose of eradication, Jews were shot for the purpose of eradication. We are going to deal briefly with one and two, and leave three to be discussed among the major media outlets, and those whom righteously need to mourn.

Joe Jenson:

This Khashoggi situation is alarming. We give Saudi Arabia our money. Government money (as in Taxpayer’s $$). In aid, which is then used to buy weapons from us ($$ that goes to private interests, not American people). So it’s just a big $$$$$$ laundering scam that results in genocide, and extortion from taxpayers.

The picture above depicts Yemeni school children whose classmates were killed by a US supplied artillery. Those living in the US should be grateful that we are not the object of US foreign policy.

Joe Jensen (cont.): Stop Enabling Saudi Arabia. But we won’t. So there is the conundrum. We know what needs to be done. And our government won’t do it.

PartyboyGeezy: That’s not what the media focuses upon…What’s really important, is the caravan. There are seven thousand people slowly walking towards the border. That represents .00000002% of one person in your town, on average. Less than the size of a pre-season football game. Smaller that a Steely Dan concert. How does this affect our lives? Yet we who would build a multi-billion dollar wall? While not funding education and schools and healthcare. Instead let’s talk about building a 40 billion dollar, 2000+ mile border wall. That will deter 7,000 people, none of whom are going to make my life any worse.

Captain Quirk: Not cool – to equate lives like that.

Judge Vegan: All lives matter.

Big Lev: So what if the statistical significance is zero, or more accurately, .00000001% impact on your tax dollars? They are still people.

Eh Goddammit: They are also Christians escaping violence. They should matter to people. If we all spoke some Spanish, we would probably feel differently.

Joe Jenson: Plus, you must view this in the historical context. The US has supported a corrupt Honduran Gov’t for three decades. It is no surprise that the Gov’t is ineffective, seeing that it only maintained power through US foreign aid.

PartyBoyGeezy: I get it. I am insensitive to the plight of the Jethro Tull sized fan club walking towards the US at a snail’s pace. That’s not the point.

The point I’m trying to make is, why do we even care about the migrant caravan, publicly, from a media perspective, or pay attention to it as if it affects the lives of US citizens negatively?

The election tomorrow has issues important to the every day lives of Americans who will be effected by the outcome. This election is the difference between (1) maintaining healthcare


(2) being shut-out from healthcare for the rest of your life.

The Department of Justice and Jeff Sessions are faced with a lawsuit, challenging the provision in Obamacare that protects pre-existing conditions. AND THEY REFUSE TO DEFEND PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS. Correct, that is the current healthcare laws on the books, including pre-existing conditions. JEFF SESSIONS: the first and only federal lawyer of the US Gov’t not fighting a lawsuit against his own laws, since modern times. They openly refuse to defend the pre-existing conditions law, and protect us from losing it.

PARTYBOYGEEZY (cont.): I have a pre-existing condition. So if I quit my job, or if my partner quits her job, we get kicked off of healthcare.  We won’t be able to afford it? Why are we talking about migrants the size of a small liberal arts college? This is scary. If the GOP sweeps, my health, my life? How does a small group of joggers affect me negatively? We’re literally fighting for life in an election.

Judge Vegan: My people have feared for our lives for 400 years, and we only have had the right to vote for 50. Deal with it. Shit, if you include what’s going on in Georgia and the Stacy Abrams election, we still don’t have the real right to vote. 

Eh Goddamnit: Yes. I’m brown too. Eh, yeh, ehey they are trying to take my vote away … Eh, yeh, ehey they are trying to take my vote away.

(Deep Fried Vegan shakes his head.)

Flag Man: In solidarity with the sentiment, I have designed a flag for this occasion. It’s called “Flag Face Melt Death Schism.”  It used to look like this, which shows our collective anxiety and fear, 



but now it’s this, because, well, we are all doomed to face death by schism…or are we?!?!

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