The Coward, Ted, and the Brave Man.

As a reminder – this was originally written in a browned-out stupor, post WDAS Presents the Philly Block Party (feat. Jazzy Jeff and Boyz II Men) – and was intended to be a criticism on the current state of the Supreme Court (which hopefully you just read here). Instead it turned into something completely different.

The Coward, Ted, and the Brave Man.

the coward found out that he was not of the truest kind. the  coward found out that he was not of the truest fill. the coward found the the tinniest of a slivrer could make anything true:

Act 1: Scene 1

Th e CoWard: Hello Ted. Any findings in the what’s about?

Ted: What are you talking about?

The Coward: No mind me. What did you find?

Ted: What the are you talking about you drunk mother?

The Coward: Fine. You caught me. There is no other. What is the motivation.

Ted: The motivation is pure comfort. Everyone says. Do not conform. Turn out it is easy to conform in certain situations.

The Coward: it is easier to conform when you are safe. It is more dangerous to conform when you are not.

Ted: I am safe. I belong.

The Coward: I do not belong. I am not safe.

Ted: What difference does it make. You are with me.

The Coward: I am. But. How do I know that I am with you. And how do you know that U are with me.

Ted: That is a good question.

The Coward: Do we actually care about the now.

Ted: That is now a question for now me. That is a question for now you.

The Coward: Do we care about life.

Ted: I suppose. But life is not my problem. Life is your problem.

The Coward: If I said I did not care about life, would you believe me?

Ted: No.

The Coward: If I said that I will never die because I am careful, would you ever believe me?

Ted: No. The likelihood of you never dying is zero.

The Coward: If I said I didn’t care, would you believe me?

Ted: Maybe, because I know that if you tried to pretend, you might die.

The Coward. You are right. I am scared.

Act. 2. Scene 1.

The Coward: Turns out, there is nothing that actually matters.

Ted: No that is untrue. We actually matter.

The Coward: According to what? According to whom? Do you? Do you matter?

Ted: Surely i do. I matter.

The Coward: According to whom?

Ted: Surely.; Tell me. Tell me Coward.

The Coward: I do no ask. Ask the Brave Man.

Brave Man: Ask me. Ask Me.

Ted: I surely do not ask the brave man, unless he is ready.

Brave Man: The Brave Man is Not. The Brave Man is lost into a sleeve tattoo.

So here is the real word:

Anthony Kennedy talks, says some stuff. Makes it seem reasonable.  You pretend like you don’t care. Here is how it goes down:

Citizens United…Some rich dudes wanted to determine the election. Kennedy was cool with it.

Unions are doomed. We already knew that. Kennedy was cool with it.

Gays marry.

Ted: I don’t care about that. Let’s pretend.

The Coward: Yes. Let’s.

Ted: But Where do we go from here?

The Coward: I will tell you. Justice Kennedy is dead now. So we do not worry.

Ted: No. He is actually not dead. What do we do?

The Coward: I tell you what. We do nothing. We pretend. The world is not alive. It is dead. We are dead. We are cowards. We travel far and wide. We torture those who are unlike us. We do not actually travel. because we are old. and our knees hurt. We do not actually think about really real stuff. Because if we did, we might do fun stuff. Like play video games. and have fun.

The Brave Man: No we do not have fun. We are the cowards. We do not do the kool aid. We do not want kool aid. We do not want acid. OR mushrooms. We don’t want food to taste good. Or Different. We Want things to be normal.

Ted: You are brave?

The Brave Man: We do not know if I am brave. It doesnt matter. There are brave men in war. There are Cowards in War.

The Coward: I do not fight wars, But I am brave.

The Brave Man: I do fight wars. But I am not brave.

Ted: I do not care about your complaints. You do not speak for us.

Act 3.

The Brave Man: We do not want fo have fun now or ever. We are not the cowards of the world. We wait for something. Even though it has already come for us. this is not magic. We have magic. and we do not want any of that night time sorry sonny.

Ted: So you have never tripped.

The Coward: Are you calling me a coward

The Brave Man: No. I am no coward.

Ted: Here is reality as you know it. You should.

The Coward: I dont.

The Brave Man: Am i brave.

Ted: Y’all are lost. This entire experience took 15 minutes. If you are lost. call me and I’ll find you. Wherever you are.

The Coward: That all I wanted to know. Could I find you.

Ted: Maybe. But don’t be too eager. Ultimately. If you’re not home you should be.

The Brave Man: I suppose I will find you.

Find me. We are together.